Tuesday, 25 January 2011

fashion fashion its all about the fashion

for the girls.....wedges a biggie especially a block of colour.
pleated maxi skirts seem to be the one to look out for.
devil red colour if you can get away with it. along with emerald green and a very royal blue.....thats what was on the red carpet not too far back.
hair...catwalk style is the woven basket type style. very nice if you can master it!

and your comfy's
long cardi's, short cardis, sleavless cardi, funny shaped cadi, batwinged cardi,roughed up cardis.
river island has got some nice ones at the mo, i treated myself to once its niiiiiiice! i likeeeeeeeeeeee

losing weight

well hello and let me tell ya i got the clair nasir work out dvd.... the verdict....not overly impressed. it does give you a workout...i expected a bit more of clair's achievement and how she got to where she did..also would help if a few more tips right and wrongs pointed out here n there wouldn't hurt.

and i also gor tracey anderson cardio work out. verdict....they're new dance routines, have i tried it yes once ...alot of hype surrounding this litlle petite oerson...id like more of the mat workout.

What did i learn ....do a combination of repetitive sets, plenty of cardio, intervals, circuits and bobs your uncle...also stick a few of your own in always helps. ive lost 3 ponds in 1 and a half weeks. thats mainly cos ive cut out alot of crap i ate.
oh by the way i still can't do a press up...how shamefull!